Annual Convention


The 2015 RMDA Convention is set for April 26th - 28th at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas..


This is an opportunity for yourself and/or your key ops folks to get immersed in an all day workshop designed to educate and inspire. Unlike our annual convention, this event is completely focused on the day to day operations of an RDS.

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For all your printing needs for your RDS, look no further than City Print! The newest vendor to the RMDA! Contact us with any questions about printing. 

Featured Service

Anu Mehra has been at the helm of Foodie Call for the past five years. A creative marketing plan loaded with fun and innuendo sets Foodie Call apart from the ordinary RDS. Anu also serves our Association as Convention Coordinator on the RMDA Board of Directors and is the person to thank for an incredible amount of work that goes into planning our annual convention.

Conference Calls

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The RMDA is a dynamic and proactive organization which is the only organization worldwide that represents the $400 million restaurant marketing & delivery industry.

What are the benefits of becoming an RMDA Member? 

  • Interact within a community of dozens of other RDS operators who go through the same trials and tribulations on a daily basis that you do. 
  • Participate in monthly webinars, teleseminars and conference calls on many topics relevant to our industry
  • Learn from others mistakes, before you make them! 
  • Attend our International "Members Only" Convention in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Why attend the convention? 
  1. Learn about the newest trends in our industry. 
  2. Learn about the newest technologies available to RDS owners
  3. View menus, postcards, newsletters and other marketing material from RDS's all over the world (We have members in North America, South America & Africa. We are actively seeking members in Australia, Europe & Asia!)
  4. Participate in breakout groups covering an array of topics. Topics in the past have included Online Ordering, Corporate Catering, Pharmaceutical Catering, Earning Repeat Customers, Customer Loyalty, Designing Menu Guides, Community Relations, Adding Takeout Options in Addition to Delivery, Internal and External RDS Competition along with many others.

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